Thursday, January 27, 2011

OPI Yoga-ta get this blue!

Good morning everyone.  Yesterday I was in the mood for a celebratory manicure, something fun yet sophisticated, so I went with OPI Yoga-ta get this blue! From the OPI India collection.  This is a fabulous navy blue with a teal shimmer that gives it a perfect lit-from-within sheen.  In the past I've had difficulty making it opaque but here it is with just two coats, perfectly even.  I think I've just gotten used to working with OPI polishes.  This one does tend to have a problem with bubbling though, so you are going to have to wait a while-5 minutes- between coats.  The wear is pretty good, I've had it on for 24 hours and there is only minimal tipwear on my right thumb.  
OPI Yoga-ta get this blue!  Two coats, natural light
It's so shiny and reflective, it literally looks like my nails have just been dipped in navy blue ink.  The teal shimmer gives it a fresh summery feeling.  Overall I'd agree with the name and say this is a must-have!

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