Monday, January 3, 2011

Free Zoya Nail Polish

Here is exciting news from Zoya:  Because they have reached 20,000 likes on facebook, they are releasing a code redeemable for 3 free bottles!  This may be a nod to the fact that they are a 3-free brand, or it may just be the most generous new years gift any polish lover could ask for.  The code will be released today, January 3 and is redeemable at January 4-7.

I've enjoyed browsing through Zoya's immense polish library trying to narrow down my selection.  I think what I've finally settled on are:

Mimi- this was my first ever Zoya lemming- a sparkly royal purple

Manon- I bought this spoon just because of the name (Manon Lescaut = one of my fav operas) and ended up really digging the color.  It's a sophisticated raspberry/strawberry red I think will be the perfect sultry summer shade

And Finally:
Pippa!  Perhaps the color I am most excited about.  I think bright yellow is going to be a hot ticket item this summer.  It started to gain some publicity with Chanel's L.A. Sunrise and some celebrity endorsements, and with what to me seems like a rise in nail polish culture I think the shade is about to see its heyday.

The 3 polishes will be free, all you have to cover is the $6.95 shipping cost.  But hey, with Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket that doesn't seem so outrageous for great polish.  I'm not sure if you have to "like" Zoya to get the code, but just to be safe I'd recommend doing so quick!  It hasn't been released yet, but if you're anything like me you're brimming with the uncontainable excitement otherwise reserved for the premier of Jersey Shore season 3 on Thursday...for which I may also have a special K-woww manicure up my sleeve....what a minute jersey girls don't wear sleeves...

I want to hear what colors you'll be getting!

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