Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leaf the Space Cadet at the Altar

My manicure mojo has indeed been down as of late, that is until today's creation rejuvenated my spirits!  Here is SEPHORA by OPI Leaf Him At The Altar...

SEPHORA by OPI Leaf Him At The Altar, two coats
 ...or is it?!

Woah, betcha you didn't see that one coming!  Isn't that amazing?!  Orly Space Cadet is on my ring fingers and at the correct angle, the two are indistinguishable!  I've been getting into accent fingers recently, seeing them an extra way to express the creativity that's just bursting out.  And with so many polishes available, who can ever settle on using just one? Now I can't take complete credit for this design though, it was a collaboration with a very good friend who wanted something a little out of the ordinary. I brought Orly Space Cadet for her and she supplied Leaf Him at the Altar.  The one variation on the manicure I gave her is that in addition to the accent finger, she also has a racing stripe of Space Cadet down her thumbs.  Awesome!
SEPHORA by OPI Leaf Him At The Altar with three coats Orly Space Cadet on ring finger
Not only do I love the completed look, but Leaf Him At The Altar is amazing unto itself.  A brilliant frosty springy green, beautiful application, terrific hue.  Major kudos to my friend for letting me borrow it, and for her adventurous manicure spirit!  It has indeed reaffirmed my love of polish.

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