Saturday, December 11, 2010

Zoya Free Spoon Friday erm, Saturday

Greetings from Richmond!  Zoya is a brand I haven't tried yet but have heard only good things about.  They're Big 3 Free and have hundreds of gorgeous colors, making it really difficult to decide which one(s) to buy.

Well, they've made things easier on that end.  Zoya recently started selling spoons, or little plastic lacquer swatches you can place over your nail to see what a color will look like against your skin tone.  Ordinarily the spoons are $0.50 each and you get a matching credit towards your next Zoya purchase.  Today however Zoya has extended their Free Spoon Friday, offering 6 spoons of your choice, free, and with a $3.00 Zoya credit.  Oh and if that isn't enough, the spoons ship for free as well!  Just enter in the code SP6 at checkout.

This is definitely a deal too good to pass up.  What spoons will you order?

One more thing on Zoya:  If they hit 20,000 likes on Facebook by January 3, everyone will get a code for 3 free bottles.  Way to go Zoya!  You may be my new favorite brand because yes, I can be bought by freebies.

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