Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sinful Colors San Fransisco

I remember buying this polish back in high school when I was looking for something hunter green.  (If only I had known about Nars Zulu!)  I probably wore it once and then it got shoved back in the box of nail polish under my bed, dormant for years.  Recently I learned about the hard-to-find OPI Rainforest and how this is a close substitute.  Obviously I was excited to pull it back out!  Let's have a look.

Sinful Colors San Fransisco is a shimmery emerald green.  This is three coats, as it wasn't very well pigmented.
Sinful Colors San Fransisco, three coats, with flash
For $2 at Walgreens I'd say its a good buy, especially if you're looking for a nice Christmas green.  Now if only they could make it scented like evergreen.  OMG...genius idea coming on...a Christmas collection scented like evergreen and candy canes and sugar plums...oh my.

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