Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zoya Ivanka

Howdy friends.  A lot of terrible things happened yesterday, and I was glad I at least had Zoya Mimi on my nails to cheer me up. (Who knew anyone would want to steal a '97 Honda Civic?  Guess I'm going car shopping this weekend.)  I'm sticking with the Sparkle collection again today, so now I have Zoya Ivanka to share with you.

Zoya Ivanka is a kelly green glitter with yellow gold flecks.  I say glitter, but when you look at the polish you don't see any pieces of glitter.  It's more just an intense all-over sparkle.  This collection is definitely aptly named.  I used two coats of Ivanka over base coat.

Zoya Ivanka, two coats in shade with flash 
See the great yellow flecks!
Zoya Ivanka, two coats in shade with flash
The formula for Ivanka is exactly the same as Mimi.  A little thin, so you'll want to apply two coats for complete opacity and go slow to avoid cuticle drag.  I got this bottle in a St. Patti's day promotion last March: $5 each for 3 Zoya greens.  Fabulous!  The other two it came with were Shawn and Suvi, which I will have to show you soon.

  • Very unique gold-tinged green
  • Finish: sparkle flecks, very glittery
  • Price: ordinarily $8, moderate
  • Application: Pretty good.  Polish a little thin, go slowly to about cuticle drag.
  • Coats needed: 2
  • Dry Time: Dry to the touch in normal time.  Takes a long time to fully dry without top coat, remains in danger of smudging for up to a day.  Yikes.
  • Impressions: St. Patty's Day, Shamrocks and Leprechauns, Ivanka Trump, $$.
Overall: This is a fun, unique polish, and even better for being $5!


  1. If only I had a job/lifestyle that did not cause chipping of nail polish wayyyy too quickly. Or the techniques and quality supplies to lend durability to my manicures. My hands just take too much abuse :(

  2. Oh dear! Maybe you could try using a really good base and top coat? CND Sticky will help the polish adhere to your nail and CND Air Dry will help seal it. Keeping your nails short also helps, and if all else fails, lighter colors don't show imperfections as much. Good luck!

  3. I'll for sure look into it when I've got some money to spend on "wants" instead of just "needs." Thanks!