Monday, November 7, 2011

L'OREAL Waters Edge

Howdy.  Here is a lovely polish for you,  L'OREAL Waters Edge.  It's from the 2010 Passport to Paradise Summer collection and is a gorgeous aqua creme.  You'll notice my nails are suddenly longer.  No, I did not get tips, these are just older pictures.  Peridot is so beautiful I couldn't bear to take it off!
L'OREAL Waters Edge, two coats, direct sunlight
I love how satiny smooth the finish is.  And the shade is just so creamy and vibrant!

L'OREAL Waters Edge, two coats, shade
The orchid was at a friend's house.  I think it's gorgeous, especially the fucsia against the teal.  Makes a very nice backdrop too.

  • Color: Beautiful, moderately unique
  • Finish: Perfect Creme
  • Price: Reasonable, $4
  • Application: Tricky.  Polish gets thick and sticky.
  • Dry Time: Very long.
  • Impressions: Summer, beachy, cool, modern
Overall: Beautiful color, finish, and low cost is enough to make up for difficulty in application.  Just use a nice quick dry top coat.

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