Tuesday, November 8, 2011

French Horn Nail Polish

Howdy.  When Rescue Beauty Lounge had their "Would you like to see your dream color come true?" contest last spring, I was of course eager to enter.  My color inspiration came from none other than my French horn.

  • As a French horn player, my hands hold an extraordinary instrument for many, many hours each day.  The horn produces a tremendous range of tone colors; heroic fanfares, aching melodies, serene nocturnes.  And the bell of the instrument, the deep cavern of sound where my hand rests, is a matching rainbow of colors; brassy yellow, rose gold, oxidized green, dark rust.  It is my dream to have a polish that matches this mélange of metal, so that my fingertips can shine next to the exquisite beauty of the instrument.  Please, if you could create this color, a yellow gold with darker hints, copper accents and a green shimmer, it would be a life-long dream- a shade to lend the beauty of the horn to the hands so essential to it, and a complex, unique metallic unlike anything every seen.
I didn't win the contest, but thanks to Chanel I got my wish!  Peridot is an exact match to the greenish tinted yellow brass of my French horn.

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