Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flying Whales and Purple Nails

Perhaps those of us in love with polish forget just how avant-garde some shades can be...

This weekend I was out of town to play Pines of Rome with a symphony orchestra.  (If you've seen Fantasia 2000, it's the piece with the flying whales.)  I was playing an offstage part, so I figured I could be a little more daring with my nails, since I wasn't on stage.  All the polish colors I brought with me were on the darker side, and I ended up using OPI Blackberry Chutney for the performances, a nice but not too out-there (I thought) vampy maroon.

Before the last performance I was standing backstage with my horn, probably looking at my nails, since that's how I pass the time when I have nothing else to do.  Not knowing many people I was relieved when one of the string players came up and introduced themselves.
And then their opening question:
"Are those your Halloween nails?"
me: "Um, no?"
sting player: "Oh, those are your real nails?"

I'll be wearing more subdued polishes from now on.

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