Thursday, January 26, 2012

OPI Did It On Em

Hello hello hello!  I'm finally back after a long break. I apologize for my absence. I was traveling a lot over the holidays, and I realize that isn't such a good excuse when it's already almost February, but let me tell you I plan on updating much more frequently now that I'm all settled back in the Alamo city! I still travel back and forth to visit my bf a lot, but I will start updating from his apartment so I don't leave you without pretty colors for too long!

When I saw the Niki Minaj collection in person, I realized how awesome it is and got Did It On Em, Pink Fiday, Fly, and Save Me. Today I'm sharing with you Did It On Em, a slightly muted chartreuse. It sounds ugly and it kind of is, but in a pretty way.
OPI Did It On Em, three coats
See what I mean? It's an unusual shade, but because of the olive undertones, it looks really good on my skin tone. It also coordinates with lots of colors I wear: Navy, Fuscia, Orange, Black, Tan. It's kind of the neutral of really odd colors. I love how bright it is without being neon. I think it captures the funky cool offbeat hip hop flavor of Niki Minaj. As far as formula, it dried quickly and has a great shine! I did need three coats, which is a little odd for OPI cremes, this polish is just a little thin. I'm curious to see if the other cremes from this collection are like that.

What do you think? Would you wear a color like this? What would you think if you saw someone wearing it?

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