Monday, March 5, 2012

Revlon Lilac In Love

Howdy friends. Recently we've seen vivid bright nail polishes come into vogue. But as Spring approaches, something delicate seems fitting. For this manicure, I pulled out an ancient bottle of nail polish, one in my collection since circa 1999. Revlon Lilac in Love, a limited edition, is a pinky lavender with orchid blue shimmer. Two coats makes for a romantic manicure. The blue shimmer makes it a pink that leans towards purple, and on the nail it just looks soft and enchanting.

Revlon Lilac In Love, two coats 
Revlon Lilac In Love, two coats

I love the way this looks. While a huge fan of bright, in-your-face manicures, there's something about the subtlety of this look that has me intrigued. Seeing your natural nail line isn't such a bad thing, and I think we are about to see sheer polishes gain more popularity.

**Tip: When choosing this type of manicure, look for shades with pink or red hues to complement skin tone. Polishes that are too blue or too green look unflattering. Since there will not be complete coverage, make sure that nails are nicely groomed by filing them to the same length and shape.